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Jackson to produce black stage version of 'Cinderella'


Michael Jackson, whose artistic interests know no bounds, is about to go legit. Not that he isn't already. It's just a way of saying he's getting involved for the first time in a conventional stage musical, with a story line and all the rest. The show is "Sisterella," a black version of the Cinderella story, and it has dates this fall at Musical Theater Works in New York and next spring at Pasadena Playhouse in California.

Larry Hart, a 1978 Grammy winner and artist on Mr. Jackson's MJJ label, is author-lyricist-composer for "Sisterella." Anthony Stimac, artistic director of Musical Theater Works, described Mr. Hart's music as contemporary pop.

Although set at the turn of the century, the story is also very contemporary, Mr. Stimac says, exploring greed in the family of a young girl who inherits a vast fortune. Mr. Jackson and associate Jerry Greenberg will be listed as executive producers. "They're putting up a lot of the money," the publicist said.

Among those cast so far are Rain Pryor and Wanda Houston as Chrysanthemum and Magnolia, the evil stepsisters, and Yvette Cason as Dahlia, the stepmother.

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