0TC 25 Years Ago* Some controversy seems...


0TC 25 Years Ago

* Some controversy seems to exist regarding the effect of heavy truck traffic on the nation's highways. These huge trucks appear to be largely insensible to speed limits imposed upon them. Taking U.S. 40 as an example, between Frederick and Baltimore, it is common practice for trucks to travel this 60 mph speed-limit section at speeds of 70 mph or more. Certainly these unlawful speeds, coupled with the tremendous weights of the vehicles, may be expected to exert a terrible toil on this highway, which is even now in the process of being developed to interstate standards. -- Editorial, Community Reporter, July 24, 1970.

50 Years Ago

* We mourn the death of W. Frank Thomas, a member of the State Roads Commission and one of Westminster's and Carroll County's most progressive citizens, who died very suddenly from a heart condition at the age of 66 years. For the last decade, Mr. Thomas was a road builder and promoted the construction of hard roads, so that Carroll County ranks among the first in the state in better highways. -- Democratic Advocate, July 20, 1945.

100 Years Ago

* The people's favorite butcher, Mr. John Crumbacker, met with quite a serious accident. He had hitched to his wagon his sorrel trotting mare recently purchased from our ex-Mayor Brooks, and left her standing in front of the house of one of his many customers on West Main Street while he went into the house to get an order. The mare started for home at 2.40 gait just as Mr. Crumbacker came out. He ran to stop her and grasped the wheel of the wagon when he was thrown to the ground, receiving serious cuts and bruises. John can knock a big steer out, but cannot hold his pet trotter. -- American Sentinel, July 20, 1895.

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