100 Years Ago* The homing pigeon service...


100 Years Ago

* The homing pigeon service at the Naval Academy may have to be discontinued, owing to the want of an appropriation. This service was introduced by Professor Henry Marion, who will return the 29 birds to the War Department. -- The Sun, Oct. 4, 1895.

* The store of W. L. Cecil, at Millersville, on the Annapolis, Washington and Baltimore Railroad, was broken into and robbed last night of a small sum of money, postage stamps and some merchandise. -- The Sun, Oct. 16, 1895.

* A uniformed rank of the Junior Order American Mechanics, known as the "American Guards," was organized in Annapolis last night with John H. Wells selected captain by the 30 to 35 members. -- The Sun, Oct. 18, 1895.

* The bugeye John T. Flood, from Curtis Bay, capsized in Annapolis harbor off Greenberry Point today during a northwest gale. The crew was rescued by George Collings, and Wm. Parkinson, Annapolis oystermen, in a bateau. -- The Sun, Oct. 21, 1895.

* The schooner John G. Ferguson of Norfolk arrived in Annapolis with lumber to be used in erecting the Maryland Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Iron girders for the building have also arrived. -- The Sun, Oct. 22, 1895.

* The county commissioners awarded the contract for rebuilding an iron bridge over Marley Creek to the Groton Bridge Company of New York. Its bid of $1,025 was accepted from among nine bidders. -- The Sun, Oct. 23, 1895.

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