Fishing items lure buyers


Q: I have several old fishing lures. A friend told me some might be valuable collectors' items. If this is true, how can I find out what they are worth?

A: More than 1,000 lures made before 1940 can be found pictured in color along with their descriptions and current prices in the new book, "Fishing Lure Collectibles -- An Identification and Value Guide to the Most Collectible Antique Fishing Lures" by Dudley Murphy and Rick Edmisten. It is available in a large, hardcover edition for $26.95 postpaid from Ace Enterprises, P.O. Box 59354, Chicago, Ill. 60659.

To sell or check out the value of any lures or other fishing collectibles of any age or type, phone fishing collector and buyer Dan Basore at (800) 347-4525. He especially wants Johnson Automatic Striker lures manufactured in Chicago during the 1930s and '40s by Carl Johnson.

Such minnow-shaped lures were made to wiggle, swim and dive when a fish would strike or bite.

Q: I'm interested in seeing what famous folks' business cards look like. Are there any publications available showing examples? Or where can I find information regarding such cards?

A: Write the American Business Card Club c/o Avery Pitzak, P.O. Box 460297, Aurora, Colo. 80046-0297-G; enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for membership/newsletter information, or phone him at (303) 690-6496. Also write the Business Card Museum c/o of its founder Kenneth Erdman, 402 Bethlehem Pike, Erdenheim, Pa. 19038; enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for an answer to your question, or phone Mr. Erdman at (215) 247-5377.

Q: I have a collection of about 900 beer cans. How can I find out what they're worth or is there a collectors organization where I can contact buyers?

A: Send for a copy of the "Official Price Guide To Beer Cans -- Fifth Edition" by Bill Mugrage, which lists more than 25,000 cans along with photos, complete descriptions and current values. It also lists brand names and breweries, organizations and clubs and invaluable information. It is available for $15.50 postpaid from Ace Enterprises, P.O. Box 59354, Chicago, Ill. 60659. Or write the Beer Can Collectors of America, 747 Merus Court, Fenton, Mo. 63026, enclosing a long self-addressed stamped envelope for information or membership details.

Write Anita Gold, P.O. Box 59354, Chicago, Ill. 60659, enclosing an addressed stamped envelope. Due to the high volume of mail, not all letters can be answered.

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