Around the house* A coffee filter placed...


Around the house

* A coffee filter placed inside a cast-iron skillet when stored will absorb moisture and prevent rusting.

* When making your own baby food, puree and freeze in ice-cube trays; store in a plastic bag and defrost as needed.

* To prevent ice crystals from forming on ice cream, place a sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap against the ice cream surface after opening the carton. Close and store in plastic bag in freezer.

* Find cleaning cloths quickly. Attach to cleaning product, such as scouring powder, with rubber band.

* Use empty film canisters as travel containers for lotions and creams.

* Spray a fine mist of water onto carpet before vacuuming. Damp pet hairs are more easily suctioned up.

In the garden

* Snip flowers from thorny plants like roses without stabbing fingers by holding stems with a spring clothespin.

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