Carroll college to keep Mount Airy site


Carroll Community College will continue offering courses in Mount Airy, even though Frederick Community College has decided to pull out of a partnership that created a joint satellite campus last year.

This fall will be the last semester in which Frederick participates in the joint program in the college-credit courses. It already has pulled out of participation in the noncredit courses.

The partnership had seemed a natural, because Mount Airy straddles the two counties, and the drive to the main campus of either college is about 30 minutes from the town, said Karen Merkle, vice president for continuing education at Carroll Community College.

She said Carroll will continue offering courses there, but will reassess demand for the spring semester.

Ms. Merkle said the approximately 15 students who signed up for college-credit courses were split about 50-50 between the two counties. But the percentage of Carroll residents in the noncredit courses, such as those for personal and professional development, was much higher.

The two community colleges arranged last fall to offer courses at the Mount Airy Senior Center that would count toward earning a degree.

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