Harry's brings 'Haute Creole' to Canton


The brand-new Harry's Last Resort, at 2324 Boston St. in Canton, has everything: a "fine dining" restaurant, a coffee bar, a courtyard cafe with raw bar and light fare, billiards, backgammon, contemporary music. It may even have too much -- notably the pet alligators.

And how's the food? "Haute Creole," according to chef Ric Smith, with the emphasis on steaks and seafood.

* This Monday, the Stone Mill Bakery opened on the second floor of the Gallery in the Inner Harbor. You get your sandwiches and fancy coffee drinks at the counter and eat at the surrounding tables.

* Middle East treat of the week: Tabrizi's six-course mezze dinner with belly dancing on Aug. 6, Aug. 8 and Aug. 9. The cost is $32. Call (410) 752-3810 for reservations.

* The waitress answered the phone "Gladys' " -- she says because she can't pronounce it. But the name of Canton's newest bar-restaurant is Claddagh Pub (pronounced roughly "Cla-daw"). Located at 2918 O'Donnell St., it features lots of meat -- prime rib, New York strip, filet mignon and marinated lamb chops -- but there's also seafood for those of you who aren't meat-eaters.

* In Baltimore, the fact that something comes from New York isn't always seen as a plus. But Timonium does have a new "New York-style diner." It's the Clubhouse Diner, at 2323 York Road, and the food is homemade and cooked to order.

* Once you know that an appetizer portion of fried calamari has more cholesterol than a four-egg omelet, you may never feel the same lust for it again. How about kung pao chicken, with as many calories as four Quarter Pounders?

You could give up restaurants, or you could turn to "The Restaurant Companion: A Guide to Healthier Eating Out" (Surrey Books, $13.95).

Hope Warshaw's new book includes a chapter on "Ten Skills and Strategies for Healthier Restaurant Eating." She even gives you "pleasantly assertive phrases" to use to get what you want -- like the substitutions restaurants hate to make.

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