Real Baltimore welcome greets 'Homicide' crew


The cast and crew of "Homicide" are back in town and have just begun shooting episodes for the fourth season of the NBC television series about life on the streets of Baltimore. Members of the Producers Club of Maryland welcomed them back with an old-fashioned picnic and crab feast last Sunday at the Evergreen Carriage House on North Charles Street.

Reed Diamond, Melissa Leo, Kyle Secor and Richard Belzer were among the cast members participating in the summer ritual of eating hot steamed crabs on a hot steamy day. I, for one, have never seen the appeal, but it is a Baltimore tradition in many quarters. Classic Catering also served grilled chicken and corn on the corn, for those who feel as I do, and it helped that the Carriage House has air conditioning.

Others who stopped by for crabs and games of volleyball and softball included the show's executive producers Tom Fontana and Henry Bromell; casting director Pat Moran, and writer Jim Yoshimura. They were joined by Producers Club members Jed Dietz, president of the club, and his wife, Dr. Julia McMillan; attorney Wil Sirota and his daughter, Karen, who has returned from Los Angeles to work on the production of the series; Dr. Andy and Anne London; Scott Cohen, president R/C Theaters and his wife, Sharon, Premier Marketing; Blair Barton, publisher MD/DC Production Guide; developer David Cordish and his son, Jon, who owns Seven Arts Film Distributing Co., Celia Blumenstein, Budget Rent-A-Car; Stuart Cooper, and Stuart Cooper Productions in Columbia.

The state's film industry was well represented by Dean Kenderdine, Michael Styer, Jack Gerbes, Catherine Councill and Brenda Lee; Joyce Jefferson Daniels, from the Baltimore mayor's office, and Jack Jenkins, he's the mayor of Bowie and a Film Commission volunteer, and his wife, Connie.

Part of the chatter overheard at the party included the likelihood that a big action star might be shooting a major film in Maryland this fall. No names, but I know who I hope it is!

Tom Hanks, star of the film, "Apollo 13," was spotted having dinner at B. Smith's at Union Station in Washington with our own Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski. Others at the table were Hanks' son, Colin; Jim Lovell, an astronaut on the original Apollo 13, and his wife, Marilyn; and NASA administrator Dan Goldin. Senator Mikulski was thrilled because she considers Lovell to be one of the great American heroes of space and Hanks one of the great American heroes of film. You can bet future space exploration, movies and history were just a part of the discussion at that gathering.

There was an interesting dinner held at Mr. Chans in Pikesville recently. Members of the Business Women of Baltimore entertained 10 women attorneys from Russia, who are here for three weeks to study the U.S. legal system, particularly legal advocacy for women.

Some who attended the dinner were Eugenia Ordynsky, a local attorney who is associated with the Democratic Russia-USA Foundation, which sponsored the visit; Kathie Herbst, owner Lakeside Financial; Betsy Hayes, of Chapin, Davis; Sue Hassell, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab; Elizabeth Deibert, owner/president of Precision Cleaning Co.; Dee Conners, a pharmaceutical sales rep; and Luda Kosenko, owner of Luda Graphic Design, who helped as an interpreter.

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