Police seize alleged gambling machines from 12 establishments in raids


Vice detectives seized 15 gambling machines from 11 bars and a pool hall during a series of raids Tuesday, county police said yesterday.

Six of the establishments were in Pasadena. Three were in Glen Burnie, and one each in Stony Beach, Solley Park and Odenton, police said.

Detectives conducted gambling investigations for 2 1/2 months before launching the raids.

All but two of the bars raided -- The New Walker's Inn in the 7900 block of Main St., Stony Beach, and the Woodland Beach Inn in the 1400 block of Woodland Beach Road, Pasadena -- had been raided before, said Officer Randy Bell, a county police spokesman. Five of the bars were raided and machines seized in a separate operation in November, he said.

The machines seized Tuesday were mostly counter-top video poker games.

Charges of operating illegal gambling devices are pending against all the owners, Officer Bell said. Police were still counting money from the machines as of yesterday afternoon.

The equipment must meet four criteria to be classified as gambling machines, Officer Bell said.

"You have to be able to put money into them, there must be a chance or gamble involved, there must be a reward greater than the amount of money put in and the device must have an internal counter to tell how many times a person has played," the spokesman said.

Investigators are checking all the machines to see if they meet those criteria.

Raided were:

* Paul's Place in the 900 block of Nabb's Creek Road in Glen Burnie.

* Rusty's Pub in the 7300 block of Fort Smallwood Road in Solley Park.

* The New Walker's Inn in the 7900 block of Main St. in Stony Beach.

* Captain Buck's in the 8100 block of Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena.

* Chet's Place in the 7900 block of Elizabeth Road in Pasadena.

* The Woodland Beach Inn in the 1400 block of Woodland Beach Road in Pasadena.

* The Waterbury Inn in the 300 block of Magothy Beach Road in Pasadena.

* Dave's Cheers in the 2900 block of Mountain Road in Pasadena.

* Shane T's Tavern in the 8100 block of Waterford Road in Pasadena.

* The Double Eagle Saloon in the 1000 block of Bell Ave. in Glen Burnie.

* The Point Pleasant Beach Tavern in the 1700 block of Marley Ave. in Glen Burnie.

* Golden Cup Billiards in the 1600 block of Annapolis Road in Odenton.

Rusty's Pub, Captain Buck's, Chet's Place, Shane T's Tavern and Golden Cup Billiards were raided in November, county police said.

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