Baltimore man charged with shoplifting sawCounty police...


Baltimore man charged with shoplifting saw

County police arrested a Baltimore man Tuesday night and charged him with shoplifting a $240 saw from the Glen Burnie Sears store, officials said.

Larry Rogers and Ed Overton, security officers at the store in the 6600 block of Ritchie Highway saw a man come in about 7:30 p.m. and pick up a Dewalt circular saw. He carried it around the store for a few minutes before leaving without paying for it, police said.

Mr. Rogers and Mr. Overton stopped the man and held him for police.

Gerald Wilmer Lewis, 33, of the 3500 block of 4th St. in Brooklyn, was charged with misdemeanor theft, police said.

Book commemorates N. Arundel Hospital

North Arundel Hospital is offering a recently published commemorative book celebrating the hospital's 30th anniversary.

The 44-page publication, "A Crusade of Care," includes photos and recounts events from the hospital's opening on July 4, 1965, to the present, highlighting the phases of expansion the hospital has undergone during that time.

To obtain a free copy of the booklet, contact the Public Relations Department at 787-4367.

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