Rabbi Baruch Koff, 81, known as "Nixon's...


Rabbi Baruch Koff, 81, known as "Nixon's rabbi" for his close relationship and staunch defense of the president during the Watergate scandal, died yesterday of pancreatic cancer in Providence, R.I.

Rabbi Korff met Richard M. Nixon in 1967 when Nixon was running for president. He founded the National Citizens Committee for Fairness to the Presidency in 1974 to defend Nixon from Watergate charges.

He stayed in contact with Nixon after the president's resignation in 1974 and wrote the book, "The President and I," which was released this year.

Last month, he created a furor when he claimed journalist Diane Sawyer was "Deep Throat," the source who helped the Washington Post uncover the Watergate scandal. Miss Sawyer, who was an assistant in the Nixon press office at the time, called the claim laughable.

Minnie Cohen, 109, the nation's oldest Social Security recipient, died of pneumonia Friday in Huntington Beach, Calif. Born in New York, she lived through four wars and five generations.

George Rodger, 87, a pioneering photojournalist who covered World War II for Life magazine and later helped to found the Magnum photo agency, died Tuesday in England. He was best known for photographs he took at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp when it was liberated by British troops in 1945.

Dr.Laurence Wylie, 85, an authority on French language and culture who spent decades in pursuit of the essence of the French soul, died Tuesday at his home in Cambridge, Mass.

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