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McDonald goes to Calif. for 2nd look


Ben McDonald's quest for the best medical advice available took him to California yesterday. McDonald, who was placed on the disabled list Tuesday with recurring tendinitis in his right shoulder, was examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum, the Angels' team doctor.

Manager Phil Regan said McDonald requested a second opinion after his original examination by Dr. James Andrews. "I think [the exam] is maybe just to clear his mind a little," Regan said.

McDonald is expected back in Baltimore today, when he will meet with the Orioles' trainers to determine his rehabilitation schedule.

Catcher Chris Hoiles, another Oriole on the disabled list, sprinted for 15 minutes yesterday in his second day of workouts. Hoiles, sidelined since straining his left hamstring, is scheduled to come off the DL next week.

"He did very well with the running," Regan said. "He had a little problem doing his squats, his muscle may be a little tender. But, all in all, he did very well."

Help from the 'other guys'

With Hoiles and outfielder Jeffrey Hammonds injured, Regan has had to turn to some different sources for offense -- with good results. Leo Gomez, Bret Barberie and Mark Smith are not guys the Orioles regularly count on in the clutch, but the past two nights they all produced.

Tuesday, Gomez homered and hit a key double in the ninth. Barberie's bloop single drove in the winning run with two outs in the ninth. Smith's seventh-inning double helped the Orioles tie the game at 3.

"We're going to have to get pretty much everyone contributing, even the guys off the bench," Barberie said. "We need to win these close games. When guys come up with clutch hits who you don't usually expect to, you start to move up in the standings."

Smith's performance was even more surprising since he was pinch hitting for Curtis Goodwin and hadnever hit for extra bases in his major-league career.

"It's always hard to pinch hit. You don't have your timing or anything," Smith said. "A lot of the players told me to get some swings in, and that's what I did. I was hoping it was gone, but then reality set in and I was pumped just to get a double."

Gomez, Barberie and Smith were all rewarded for their heroics with starting spots last night.

The three players continued to contribute. Gomez homered in the fourth to extend Baltimore's lead to 5-3, and Barberie's one-out, bases-loaded single made it 6-3. Smith also singled in the inning, and he later scored the Orioles' seventh run.

Regan did not start Goodwin against left-hander Dennis Cook. Goodwin has been taking extra batting practice and watching film of his swing. He came in as a defensive replacement in the seventh inning last night and singled in the eighth, his sixth hit in his past 40 at-bats.

Manto trying to regain form

Jeff Manto, 2-for-18 since coming off the disabled list, also has been spending more time around the batting cage.

"Not everybody can come back from 15 days off and have the same swing as before," Manto said. "I just have to keep on swinging and looking forward to getting it back."

Despite Manto's 0-for-3 performance Tuesday, Regan had him back in the lineup at DH yesterday.

PD "He has shown faith in me all year," Manto said. "I just have to

prove to him I've still got it."

Manto walked in his only plate appearance last night, before being replaced by Harold Baines.

Tewksbury sidelined

Cook got the start last night when a strained trapezius muscle in the left shoulder shelved right-hander Bob Tewksbury.

"I can't move my neck," said Tewksbury, who said it prevents him from checking runners on the bases. "I can't turn to my left or right without feeling any pain."

Butt-ing in on ESPN

Smith made his first appearance on ESPN's "Major League Baseball Magazine" yesterday.

The weekly show made a stop at the Triple-A All-Star Game, where Smith was representing the Rochester Red Wings. Smith was asked which MTV cartoon character he preferred, Beavis or Butt-head.

"Butt-head. He really speaks from the heart," Smith told ESPN.

Smith said he rarely watches "Beavis and Butt-head" and has yet to see his national television debut. "I didn't look too bad, did I?" he said when told about it.

No. 1 pick getting close

The family of Alvie Shepherd, the Orioles' 1995 first-round draft choice, has made a counteroffer, and the Nebraska pitcher is close to signing.

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