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Dear Mr. Baseball:Where are some local baseball...


Dear Mr. Baseball:

Where are some local baseball card stores?

Laura Young, 10


Dear Laura Young:

First, let Mr. Baseball compliment you on your penmanship. Particularly impressive was the lilting stroke of the capital "Y."

Mr. Baseball only brings this up because he remembers his difficulty lo, those many years ago when his teachers were attempting to instill legibility into him via drills in the Palmer Method. Of course, at Mr. Baseball's school, it was the Jim Palmer Method. With old Mrs. Schuck playing the part of Earl Weaver.

In response to your query, Mr. Baseball asked for recommendations from Ruth Sadler, who writes The Sun's weekly sports memorabilia column. She names several sports cards stores that might be good for a novice (all phone numbers in 410 area code):

Bud's Starting Line-Up Cards in Hampden (889-1073), Baseball Card Outlet in Eastwood (284-7922), All-American Baseball Card Dream in Essex (780-3037), The Dugout in Ellicott City (461-8664), Double Play Sport Cards in Severna Park (315-8740), Fielders Choice in Arbutus (536-4533) and Uncle Dave's Baseball Cards in Eldersburg (781-6648).

Dear Mr. Baseball:

I am disgusted with the use of the out-of-town scoreboard on the right-field wall [at Camden Yards]. . . . The pitchers' numbers [should] be posted in the spaces provided. . . . The other games cannot be followed without knowing who's pitching and when pitchers change. . . . [The Orioles] will probably tell you that the pitchers' numbers make it harder to read the scores. If that is true, the entire scoreboard should be redesigned. . . .

Jeff Orner

York, Pa.

Dear Jeff Orner:

Mr. Baseball wonders whether he actually should address you as "Kreskin." Mr. Baseball asked Bill Stetka, Orioles assistant director of public relations, about the posting of the pitchers' numbers. "The board tends to be jumbled and run together" with the numbers, Stetka said.

However, Stetka said: "If we got enough feedback from fans that they want it, we'd consider putting it back."

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