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2 charged in beating of injured men


Two county men have been charged with severely beating two other men Saturday morning near a Royal Farms store on Mountain Road, police said.

Kevin Michael Giles, 22, of the first block of Circle Road in Pasadena, and James Aaron Ilgenfritz, 22, a sailor on leave from the USS San Jacinto, were taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Mr. Ilgenfritz sustained facial injuries, police said.

A hospital spokesman said Mr. Giles was discharged on Sunday and Mr. Ilgenfritz was discharged on Monday.

William Thomas Katzenberger, 20, of the 100 block of Arundel Road, was charged with maiming and battery on Mr. Ilgenfritz. Scott Keith Delimater, 21, of the 8500 block of Neptune Drive, was charged with battery on Mr. Giles.

Eastern District Officer James Schreiber went to the store in the 8400 block of Mountain Road about 12:40 a.m. to investigate a report of fighting. He found the two men lying bleeding next to the building. Witnesses said their assailants had run to the back of a nearby McDonald's, and Officer Schreiber broadcast a lookout.

Sgt. Brian Pittaway was parked on the McDonald's lot when he saw a man running. Sergeant Pittaway stopped the man.

Other officers picked up the second suspect at Chelsea Road and Main Avenue.

Police said the men fought at A. L. Gators bar and continued the dispute outside.

Con man takes $49 from Discovery Zone

A Discovery Zone cashier lost $49 Monday afternoon to a con man who used the "Give me change for a $50 bill" scam, county police said.

A man walked into the indoor children's playground in the first block of Mountain Road about 4:20 p.m. He went to the counter and bought a 93-cent ice cream. He gave the 15-year-old cashier a $50 bill. She gave the man his change, and he asked her if he could buy back the $50 bill, police said.

She agreed and gave the man the $50 bill. At the same time, he asked her if he could get five $20 bills for a $100 bill. They made the exchange and the man left the store -- with the original change from the ice cream sale still in his pocket.

The cashier and Valarie Kuser, 26, the store manager, noticed the scam shortly before 6 p.m. when they tallied up the receipts for the day.

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