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No one to blame, driver's lawyer says of fatal crash


The driver of the car that killed five people last week at a Woodlawn bus stop sat tearfully yesterday as his lawyer said an investigation will show that no blame should be assessed in the tragedy.

Asked at a brief news conference whether he had anything to say to the victims' families, Raymond Charles Haney swallowed, took a deep breath and said: "That I'm just, I'm just heartbroken. No one could ever understand how I feel. No one."

As Mr. Haney faced reporters in his lawyer's downtown Baltimore office, private burial services were ending at a Woodlawn cemetery for the victims -- four of them children.

Mr. Haney, 32, declined to answer any other questions. His lawyer, Warren A. Brown, read from a statement and offered condolences on behalf of Mr. Haney's family to the friends and relatives of the dead.

Mr. Brown said Mr. Haney will cooperate with authorities investigating Thursday's accident, and will testify before a grand jury if requested to do so.

"We are confident that when the dust settles and the smoke clears, that when the passions of the moment have subsided, all well-reasoned, rational people will understand that there exists no blame to go around," Mr. Brown said.

"From the facts that will eventually come from all sides it will be apparent that this accident could well have involved anyone but for the grace and mercy of God. Mr. Haney, the father of two adorable children, continues to make peace with his God, trying to resolve the many whys, the many questions that such a tragedy evokes."

Joining Mr. Haney were his fiancee, Patricia Coby, who held their 2-year-old daughter, Diona Haney; and Ms. Coby's mother, Lois Coby, who held the couple's 2-month-old daughter, Alexis Haney. Other relatives from Mr. Haney's hometown of Chicago were present.

Asked whether Mr. Haney was speeding before the accident -- as police have suggested -- Mr. Brown said he didn't know, but added: "I will say this: He was in the flow of traffic. . . . In other words, he was not a lone car barreling down the road."

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