BALTIMORE CITY* CARJACKING/ARRESTS: Southern District -- Police...



* CARJACKING/ARRESTS: Southern District -- Police arrested two men Monday and charged each with carjacking a Marriottsville man's pickup truck Friday. The motorist was in the 1800 block of Washington Blvd. when a gunman forced him from the vehicle and drove off. On Monday, police responding to an assault in the 2000 block of Wilhelm St. spotted the truck and arrested two suspects. Charged as an adult with carjacking, armed robbery and handgun violations is Shakarian Frazier, 16, of the 100 block of Stonecroft Road. Charged similarly is James Gaines, 18, of the 2500 block of W. Fayette St.

* ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 1200 block of Potomac St. was riding his mountain bike on a trail behind the 1200 block of Horner's Lane on Saturday when several youths forced him off the bike and stole it.

* BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Property valued at more than $800 was stolen Monday from a house in the 4300 block of Arabia Ave.

* BIKE THEFT: Northeastern District -- A 15-speed mountain bike was stolen Monday from a house in the 4900 block of Aberdeen Ave.

* ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 2900 block of The Alameda was walking Monday in the 3200 block of Hillen Road when a gunman robbed him of nearly $60.

* STOLEN CAR: Northeastern District -- A four-door 1995 Mercury Tracer with tags BAP 861 was stolen Monday from Al Packer Lincoln-Mercury in the 5800 block of Belair Road.

* ROBBERY: Northern District -- A resident of the 5200 block of Putney Way was leaving an automated teller machine in the 5200 block of York Road on Monday when a man snatched $200 from his grasp.

* PURSE SNATCHING: Northern District -- Two men approached a 76-year-old resident of the 300 block of E. 26th St. as she walked near her home Monday and stole her purse containing $5.

* BURGLARY: Southwestern District -- A compact disc player, videocassette recorder and 200 compact discs, all valued at more than $1,000, were stolen Monday from a house in the first block of Stonecroft Road.

* BURGLARY: Southwestern District -- Jewelry valued at $3,000 was stolen Monday from a house in the 1100 block of Wildwood Parkway.


* STOLEN CAR: Cockeysville Precinct -- A 1987 Mazda pickup truck with tags 67A501 was stolen Monday in the 1700 block of York Road.

* BURGLARY/ARREST: Wilkens Precinct -- William Durham, 34, of Arbutus was arrested early Monday and charged in the theft of copper, wheels and rims, all valued at $600, from Bayer & Sons in the 3500 block of Washington Blvd.

* BURGLARY: Garrison Precinct -- Several handguns and other property, all valued at $2,000, were stolen over the weekend from a house in the first block of Waldron Ave.

* BURGLARY: Woodlawn Precinct -- Clothing, books and artifacts, all valued at nearly $4,000, were stolen Monday from a house in the 7100 block of Rolling Bend Road.

* GUN STOLEN: Woodlawn Precinct -- A Bersa 9 mm semiautomatic handgun was stolen Monday from a 1994 Buick Skylark parked at Security Square Mall in the 6900 block of Security Blvd.

* THEFT: Woodlawn Precinct -- A herringbone chain and a bracelet, both valued at nearly $2,000, were stolen Monday from a house in the 500 block of Winters Lane.


* CALL IN TIPS: Readers with information on these or other crimes can call Metro Crime Stoppers' confidential 24-hour hot line, 276-8888. Names are not taken, calls are not recorded and rewards of up to $2,000 may be paid for information.

Police Blotter is a representative, not comprehensive, list of crimes in Baltimore City and County, reported by Richard Irwin.

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