50 Years Ago* While a wartime shortage...


50 Years Ago

* While a wartime shortage of cigarettes still plagues the rest of the nation, many smokers in Baltimore have discovered that cigarettes are not only plentiful, but that full cartons of standard-brand cigarettes are available entirely free of cost. This modern miracle is but one of the byproduct achievements of American War Bonds en route to their major task of smashing the Japanese war machine. In an effort to step up the sale of war bonds, business houses have used many devices. Among smokers, perhaps the most appealing plan is that of a restaurant which is giving away two full cartons of standard-brand cigarettes free of charge with each war bond of $500 or higher. One carton is given with a $250 war bond, two packs with each $50 bond and one pack with each $25 bond. Through this plan, the Mandell Restaurant in Baltimore has already sold over $100,000 worth of war bonds. -- Democratic Advocate, July 13, 1945.

100 Years Ago

* Maurice Duttera, a young man about 20 years old, son of Mr. John T. Duttera, well-known farmer of Silver Run, met with a very sad and painful accident last Saturday. He had taken a load of oats to Littlestown, which was being unloaded at the warehouse by the usual method of hoisting to the upper story of the building with rope and pulley. Two sacks were taken up at a lift and on one occasion, one of the sacks slipped from the loop and fell down and outside of the wagon. Young Duttera reached over for it at an unfortunate moment, for just as he did so it was followed by the second bag which gave him a heavy blow on the head. His face was forced directly against the loosened stay chain of the wagon bed, the hook of which entirely destroyed his left eye. -- American Sentinel, July 13, 1895.

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