Potential to Become the Jewel of PasadenaRecently,...


Potential to Become the Jewel of Pasadena

Recently, our county executive, John Gary, met with citizens of the Fort Smallwood Road corridor to discuss allowing builders Michael Rose and Gary Koch to build homes in addition to what is already zoned for in exchange for them assisting the county in building a 27-hole golf course.

I and many other residents welcome the golf course as well as the proposed $200,000 to $400,000 homes by Mr. Rose and Mr. Koch. The Fort Smallwood Road corridor has the potential of becoming the jewel of Pasadena.

There are several things that do, however, need to be addressed by Mr. Gary. . . .

* Schools: Recently, the state allocated funds to plan for an addition at Fort Smallwood Elementary. Currently, Fort Smallwood's enrollment is over 200 percent of its capacity. Mr. Gary would not match these funds with the state, causing the school to lose out on the state funds. Before any building is allowed on previously zoned land as well as asking for zoning exceptions, builders should supply funds to facilitate school expansions/renovations.

* Roads: Currently, Fort Smallwood is a dead-end road. To

alleviate traffic congestion with the new homes and the golf course, we ask the county to consider having the builder put in a connecting road to Mountain Road or allow for a right of way in case the need for a connecting road arises in the future. The county should learn from the mistakes made on Mountain Road . . .

As reported by The Sun, Mr. Gary proposed that Route 100 be extended to Fort Smallwood Road to alleviate any traffic problems caused by the development and golf course. . . . Let us hope that he continues in this direction when reviewing the impact that this community would have on the neighborhood's schools. . . . Let's work together as a community and make Pasadena a nice place to live, work, play and go to school.

Cathy Lantz


Thanks, Baseball

Thank you, professional baseball, for last summer's strike. It TTC was your call.

Instead of attending many of the Orioles' weekend home games scheduled, but never played, my family experienced the serenity of the farms and back roads of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; the reverence of the Antietam and Gettysburg battlefields; the relaxation of crabbing on the Wye River and the exhilaration of sailing on the Chesapeake.

In retrospect, it was a great summer. This summer, our travel plans include a visit to more of the treasures in and around Maryland . . . and baseball is not one of them by our call.

erry Korzybski


Chrysalis House

Chrysalis House would like to express our thanks to everyone who helped make our playhouse raffle, "Little Houses for Big Dreams," a huge success.

Thanks first to the Homebuilders Association of Maryland, the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County chapters, which organized the builders to participate by donating their time and materials to create six little dream homes. The six companies that created such great playhouses and that went above and beyond our dreams in creating a fantasyland of creative and imaginative little homes are Chesapeake Harbour Homes; The Gilligan Group; KHI Construction, Inc.; Lauer Construction; R Lumber, and Weston Builders and Developers. Without their work, cooperation and generosity, this event truly would not have happened.

Thanks are due also to Dick Arnold of Flagship Builders and Robert Childs Landscaping with Broadneck Nursery for putting the finishing touches on the playhouse village.

Thanks to the Annapolis Mall for allowing us to use their facility to display the playhouses and to sell the tickets. Thanks to the many merchants, such as Chick-Fil-A, Cinnabon, Steak Escape and the Great American Cookie Company, which supported our effort through donations of food and drink to our volunteers and to the merchants who were so very cooperative with the #F disruption during our stay. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked on the event.

Special thanks are due also to The Sun for Anne Arundel for its coverage and especially for the pro bono advertising of our event.

. . . As we begin the transition into our new facility in Crownsville, we are encouraged by the many friends and potential volunteers we met while in the mall. We look forward to our second annual playhouse raffle next spring.

Nancy Newcomb

Diane Eberle


The writers chaired "Little Houses for Big Dreams" for Chrysalis House.

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