25 Years Ago* The number of Anne...


25 Years Ago

* The number of Anne Arundel County schools on double sessions or shifts will jump from five to 17 when school starts for 75,000 county youngsters. The three-year program to establish kindergarten classes was largely responsible for the need to increase double sessions. -- The Sun, Sept. 2, 1970.

* Judge Matthew S. Evans, of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court, yesterday declared unconstitutional a state law requiring teachers and students in public schools to pledge allegiance to the flag every day. -- The Sun, Sept. 4, 1970.

* Joseph W. Alton Jr., the Anne Arundel county executive, wants a study of the feasibility of building a convention center at Sandy Point State Park as large as the one at Ocean City. -- The Sun, Sept. 4, 1970.

* The Historic District Commission of Annapolis has recommended that the city's historic district be expanded to include the St. John's College campus, the first block of West Street and Acton House. -- The Sun, Sept. 7, 1970.

* The Annapolis City Council voted unanimously to postpone allowing the Shearwater Sailing Club to build new docking facilities for 63 boats until the city health officer reports on possible Spa Creek pollution on the nine-acre site. -- The Sun, Sept. 23, 1970.

* The United Fund goal for 1970 in Anne Arundel County is $90,000, according to William L. Sparks, chairman of the county's United Fund campaign. The fund-raising drive will continue through Nov. 4. -- The Sun, Sept. 28, 1970.

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