NFL out of the question hereLeave it...


NFL out of the question here

Leave it to the running rebel Al Davis, the man who started this parade of NFL franchise shifts in 1982, to take his Raiders back to Oakland, realizing 13 years later that his move to the larger L.A. market didn't quite pan out the way he had envisioned.

If Davis had kept his Raiders in Oakland in the first place, Robert Irsay never would have had the courage to move the Colts out of Baltimore.

But why is it that Oakland, St. Louis, Jacksonville and Charlotte got the NFL franchises they wanted? And Baltimore, after years of relentless pursuit, remains without one, with seemingly little hope of ever obtaining one?

As much as I hate to admit it, I think it is a lost cause, and the Maryland Stadium Authority should abandon our NFL dreams and use the stadium funding for a new, state-of-the-art NBA/NHL arena. And I don't mean building one so the Bullets and Capitals can come over from Washington and join in on the fun. No, I mean so Baltimore can acquire two new major-league franchises of its own. Baltimore is much too large a city to have only one major professional sports franchise.

This way, the city gains more national attention, it gives the fans the chance to root for their own teams throughout the year, and it puts Baltimore back on the major-league map of professional sports.

I've waited since 1984 for the return of the NFL to Baltimore, and I honestly believe now that no team will ever move here. I wish I were wrong, but it just doesn't seem like it is going to happen. But having NBA and NHL teams in a new arena at the Camden Yards/Inner Harbor area, joining the Orioles, certainly would help to fill the void left here since March 29, 1984.

Brian Paulus


Showalter classier than Gaston

While my interest in our national pastime has yet to recover enough to allow viewing of the All-Star Game, one thing did jump out at me after a quick perusal of the box score. Kudos to AL manager Buck Showalter for having the common sense and, more importantly, the class to afford Kenny Rogers the opportunity to pitch in front of his home fans in Texas, while three other All-Star pitchers finished the game in the bullpen. This would seem like a no-brainer, but we need look no further back than 1993 to discover otherwise.

Cito Gaston's getting his just deserts this year. . . LAST PLACE!

John Zorbach



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