A roundup of new products and servicesA...


A roundup of new products and services

A cool thermometer

It's hard to say whether a baby's having a temperature is worse for the baby or for the parents who have to monitor it. Now Questech has introduced a thermometer that will make the experience less traumatic for both. The Wee Care Digital Pacifier Thermometer looks like a baby's pacifier but has a temperature-sensing device inside the rubber nipple and an LCD display window on the front. A gentle beep at preset intervals lets parents know it's working, and a series of beeps sounds when the reading is complete. The thermometer is available at drugstores and Wal-Mart stores, but if you can't find it, you can order it directly for $16, including shipping, by calling (800) 966-5327.

When you're at home and your child misbehaves, you can always send him to the punishment corner. When you're on the go, it's another matter. So here's a bit of good news for you, bad news for your child: a discipline area that folds up and travels well. The Train Up a Child Quilt, invented and manufactured by a grandmother in Kansas, provides the consistency misbehaving

children need. As soon as they see the quilt, with "Time-Out Zone" embroidered on it, they'll know exactly what's expected of them. The quilt, which measures 22 inches by 36 inches and is washable, costs $18.45, including shipping. To order, call (800) 631-0777.

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