From The Sun July 23-29, 1845* July...


From The Sun July 23-29, 1845

* July 24: A subscriber in Pratt Street complains bitterly of a habit into which some of his neighbors, who he says are able to buy a dozen copies of The Sun, have fallen, of borrowing his paper in the morning before he has time to read it himself.

* July 29: Some boys yesterday afternoon, while passing down the Falls, discovered the dead body of a man floating between Pratt and President streets.

From The Sun July 23-29, 1895

* July 23: The Diamond Ice Company, corner of York and William streets, gave a public exhibition last night at its factory and showed how it manufactured ice.

* July 29: From early yesterday morning until late at night large crowds of people visited the African Methodist Episcopal camp at Hurley's Grove. The colored camp meeting at Cedar Grove was attended by 1,200 persons.

From The Sun July 23-29, 1945

* July 23: Hundreds of motorists were stranded temporarily on the Eastern Shore yesterday when the State ferry boat Harry W. Nice was put out of commission for four hours during the #F afternoon by a broken steering cable.

* July 25: Two studies are being made here as to the advisability of installing parking meters on some Baltimore streets.

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