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A spare room can be designed for multiple uses


Many of us have a spare bedroom that functions as guest room, study, entertainment center and kid's play room. Here are some suggestions from Jock Miller, space consultant for Woodhenge storage systems, on making the most of multiuse rooms:

* Use a neutral color scheme and Lucite, glass or mirrored tables to create a more airy and spacious feel.

* A decorative screen can separate a sewing, craft or storage area so that people can leave a project without making the whole room messy.

* Corners can be wasted space. Put them to work with corner cabinets and shelving.

* Put seating near windows to create psychological space.

* A wall bed will free up space when guests aren't using the room.

* Use furniture that conceals a computer or television when not in use.

How to beat broad-leaf weeds

If your lawn looks like mine, people will think you're deliberately growing broad-leaf weeds, not grass. This isn't, however, the right time for weed control. When the weather is excessively hot, the chemicals can vaporize and drift, causing damage to ornamental plants and vegetables. When it's dry, even the weeds go into a sort of suspended animation, so they won't take the product into their systems as effectively.

When it is cool enough for broad-leaf weed control -- no hotter than the 80s -- Ray Bosmans of the Home and Garden Information Center recommends spot treatment if there aren't too many weeds. It's better for the environment. Use a product with glyphosate in it, like Round-Up or Kleen-Up, and set the sprayer on heavy droplets for best results.

If your lawn is more than 50 percent weeds, you may have to resort to a total renovation of your lawn. In mid-August use a weed control product, wait a week and then roto-till or use a "slicer-seeder" from a rental agency. You'll have to reseed your entire lawn.

Stylish mixes

At the past few home-furnishing markets in High Point we've seen mix and match as a dominant trend -- a dining room chair of wood and pewter, for instance, or a sofa covered in leather and denim. The latest variation is a surprising mix of styles within the same piece or group, according to market analyst Michelle Lamb.

One of the most successful examples at this spring's market was Lane's Hudson River Views collection, using the unlikely combination of country and Gothic. Who would expect to see Gothic elements such as cathedral arches and quatrefoil detailing done in white paint or cherry!

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