KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Having watched the Orioles get just 10 hits in two days against the Twins' pitching staff, the worst in the majors, manager Phil Regan said yesterday that his team needs another hitter.

"We need to compete in our division," said Regan, "and we need a hitter to compete right now.

"I think we can compete in ballgames, if we get a good-pitched ballgame. We can win a low-scoring game. . . . For us to compete and go into September and win the division, I think we're going to need another hitter."

Regan acknowledged that the Orioles have been searching for a hitter; they've talked to the Mets constantly this week about slugger Bobby Bonilla. "I think there are opportunities," Regan said, "but it's just a matter of if you want to pay the price people want."

Since catcher Chris Hoiles was injured last week, the Orioles had scored 15 runs in five games before last night's 10-run outburst. Right fielder Jeffrey Hammonds is also out.

"I think we can [score runs]," said Regan, "but I think it has to come from Brady [Anderson], [Rafael] Palmeiro, [Cal] Ripken, [Harold] Baines, [Kevin] Bass. There's a little more burden for four or five guys . . . with Hoiles and Hammonds out."

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