On the field: Minnesota outfielders Marty Cordova and Pedro Munoz have battered the Orioles this year, and yesterday, it was Cordova's turn. He hit a 410-foot homer off Scott Erickson in the seventh, extending the Twins' lead to 4-1.

In the dugout: Orioles manager Phil Regan went to his bench quickly yesterday, using Leo Gomez to bat for Jeff Huson and Jeff Manto to bat for Greg Zaun in the seventh inning, when the Orioles trailed 3-1. Gomez popped a chest-high 3-1 pitch, and Manto walked. In the eighth, Mark Smith batted for Harold Baines and hit into a inning-ending double play.

In the clubhouse: "There's always one team, no matter how good or how bad, that always seems to give you trouble." -- Orioles center fielder Curtis Goodwin, talking about the Orioles' failures against Minnesota this year.

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