Unions fails to endorse mayoral candidates


In another sign of the divided sentiments over Baltimore's mayoral race, the largest coalition of area unions failed last night to endorse Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke or his challenger, Council President Mary Pat Clarke.

Instead, the Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO, an umbrella group of 160,000 union members, made "no recommendation." Delegates at the closed-door meeting followed the recommendation of the group's executive board, which met earlier yesterday to decide who would have labor's support in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary.

"The truth is, we like both," said Ernie Grecco, the group's president.

The more than 180 delegates voting last night endorsed Councilman Lawrence A. Bell III for council president but made no endorsement in the comptroller's race.

In council races, the group endorsed incumbents Nicholas C. D'Adamo, Lois Garey in the 1st District; Anthony J. Ambridge and Paula Johnson Branch in the 2nd; Martin O'Malley in the 3rd; Sheila Dixon and Agnes Welch in the 4th; Rochelle "Rikki" Spector in the 5th, and Melvin L. Stukes in the 6th.

Also newcomers Joseph J. Ratajczak in the 1st; Robert W. Curran and Nina Harper in the 3rd; Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr. in the 4th; Helen L. Holton and Michael Johnson in the 5th, and Otis E. Lee and Edward L. Reisinger in the 6th.

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