On the field: Orioles rookie Curtis Goodwin, attempting to make a sliding catch on a blooper by Twins catcher Matt Walbeck in the fourth inning, caught his left shoe in the carpet and rolled over his left ankle. Goodwin slowly rose to his feet, pained as well by a rug burn on his right knee during his tumble, which left a ragged hole in his pants. But he stayed in the game.

In the dugout: Although the Orioles bullpen has been busy of late, all six were available for last night's game. They've been aided by the fact that many of their appearances have been extremely brief. Jesse Orosco, for example, had pitched in the four games before last night, and threw a total of 2 2/3 innings.

In the clubhouse: "He just took the skin completely off . . . you could see little bits of his pants in the carpet." -- Orioles manager Phil Regan, on Goodwin's rug-burned knee.

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