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Community, experts to speak on gun control issue at forum


Gun Control is a hot topic, and nearly everyone has an opinion, pro or con. Is it a means to stop senseless violence or an infringement on Second Amendment rights?

Those questions, and many more, will be addressed July 27 when Howard Community College sponsors "Issue '95: Gun Control." The program is an open forum designed to encourage members of the community to speak out and express their opinions about gun control and to listen to what a panel of experts thinks about this controversial issue.

Speakers include: Lynne A. Battaglia, U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland; Gail Robinson, staff attorney for the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence; Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America; Richard Williams, executive director of Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse; Dr. Paul Blackman, research coordinator for the National Rifle Association's Institute Legislation Action; Susan Glick, a health adviser with Marylanders Against Handgun Abuse; Brian Wilson, of WCBM radio; and Brian Cheeks, a special agent with the Baltimore office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Ms. Battaglia is the keynote speaker and will discuss "Exploring the Second Amendment and Its Role in the Gun Control Debate."

After the keynote address, there will be an open debate and follow-up discussion among the representatives of the various groups.

ATF Special Agent Cheeks will hold two sessions on various weapons and will display a variety of handguns, semiautomatic and automatic weapons.

The program begins with registration at 9:30 a.m. Admission is free, but seating is limited and reservations are required.

This is an excellent opportunity for community members to hear both sides of the politically volatile gun control issue.

.' Call 992-4856 for information.


With temperatures soaring past the 100-degree mark, being outdoors was almost unbearable and very dangerous last weekend. But for some folks, it was business as usual despite the heat and humidity.

Carol and Art Simms continued to sell farm produce from the back of their pickup truck parked along Route 108 near Harper's Farm Road.

"Business was pretty good on Saturday," Mr. Simms said. "And Sunday was even better. I guess people didn't mind getting out of their air-conditioned cars for a couple of minutes to buy some corn."


The members of the AYRA Express 15-16 baseball team must really love the game. They played a morning double-header in Gambrills Saturday and followed that with a Sunday afternoon double-header at Mount Hebron High School against Annapolis.

Shannon Bell of Dorsey's Search spent the weekend with friends Ocean City. She said it was so hot during the middle of day that you couldn't go outside.

"We stayed in the motel most of the time, with the air conditioner going full blast," she said. 'We waited until late in the evening to go anywhere, and it was still hot and muggy."


Lisa Triplett, a resident of Clary's Forest, is an aspiring writer. It a lofty goal for a 12-year-old who will be entering the seventh grade at Harper's Choice Middle School this fall.

According to Alice Triplett, Lisa's mother, her daughter seems determined in her quest. "She is an avid reader," says Mrs. Triplett. "And, she keeps insisting that she wants to grow up and be a writer."

Amy already has taken the first step. One of her poems, "Writer's Block," was published in the July issue of the Village News. It won a prize from the Ellicott City publication.

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