Aikman scared as fan gets by security to him


IRVING, Texas -- Troy Aikman, one of the Dallas Cowboys' most valuable players, was their most vulnerable player at practice yesterday.

That was apparent after an incident in which police arrested a distraught woman at the Cowboys' training facility and charged her with criminal trespass. The woman scaled a black chain-link fence surrounding the team's practice field, slipped past security personnel and confronted the Cowboys quarterback.

Police arrested Linda Oxley of Fort Worth and charged her with criminal trespass after she approached Aikman on the practice field. The woman, who was unarmed, did not appear to make contact with Aikman.

"I have never had anybody make it to the field like that," said Aikman, who was unharmed. "I would like to think that once we're on the grounds here, that I'm well protected.

"I've had people come to my house. When people go to these lengths -- like her, or people showing up at my house -- there is no telling how much further they will take it. It was a strange incident, kind of scary.

"I was concerned about where security was to get her out of there, because nobody seemed to be making a move to get her out of there."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said despite yesterday's breach, improvements in team security are not necessary.

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