Sara Roberts Church, 81, who worked for...


Sara Roberts Church, 81, who worked for Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon and was the first black woman elected to Tennessee's Republican State Executive Committee, died of cancer Saturday in Memphis.

Victor Polley, 79, former administrator of Canada's Stratford Festival, died of a heart attack Wednesday at his summer home on Lake Huron. He joined the Shakespearean festival in 1954, one year after it started. After leaving the festival in 1970, he was general manager of Toronto's St. Lawrence Center for the Arts. He retired in 1981.

John A. Robinson, 49, the Boston Globe society columnist who delighted in poking fun at members of his city's high society, died Saturday of AIDS complications at his home on Martha's Vineyard.

William J. Thompson, 69, a sculptor and art professor emeritus of the University of Georgia, died Thursday of pneumonia in Athens, Ga. He did sculptures for universities, churches and historical societies throughout the country.

Patriarch Volodymyr, 69, head of a breakaway Ukrainian Orthodox Church, died Friday of a heart attack in Kiev, Ukraine. He had been patriarch since 1993, the year after the Ukrainian Orthodox Church split. The division left Ukraine with two Orthodox churches, one ruled by the patriarch in Moscow, the other by Patriarch Volodymyr. Although the breakaway church was not recognized by other branches of the Orthodox Church, it had the loyalty of many Ukrainians, especially ardent nationalists.

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