Fire station to add paid EMS staff


Carroll County Commissioners accepted a recommendation from the Volunteer Fireman's Association and voted Thursday to add paid emergency medical service personnel at the Manchester fire station.

The two part-time positions will cover 10 hours a day from Monday through Friday.

Among the 13 county stations offering emergency medical services, only Manchester and Lineboro have no paid personnel during the day shift. Harney has no medic unit in its station.

The money to start the program in Manchester will come from a $40,000 reserve offered by the Volunteer Fireman's Association. The money was budgeted in the past for paid EMS personnel at the 11 stations, but was not used because volunteers frequently filled the paid positions.

Officers of the association said about $43,000 would fund the two positions at Manchester for one year. But because the positions will not start immediately, $40,000 should cover the cost. Officials estimate the jobs will be filled in about two months.

Mike Stewart, president of the association, said the Manchester medic unit has a 17 percent late or no-response record.

The lack of paid personnel in the Manchester and Lineboro area has placed a "tremendous load" on personnel from Hampstead to cover the entire northeastern section of the county, he said.

The Carroll County Volunteer Fireman's Association originally requested paid EMS hours for both Manchester and Lineboro fire stations, but told the commissioners that adding paid personnel at Manchester would help both communities.

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