Milanovich must decide about draft


The NCAA may have waived a rule to allow Scott Milanovich to enter the supplemental draft, but it's a moot point to the NFL.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said yesterday that players must renounce their collegiate eligibility when they apply for the draft. The NCAA has a similar rule, but it reportedly has been waived for Milanovich while the Maryland senior quarterback appeals an eight-game gambling suspension.

Milanovich's father yesterday reiterated that his son will wait until after his appeal is heard by the NCAA eligibility committee -- possibly this week -- to decide about the draft. Maryland originally suspended the player for two games, and Gary Milanovich would not speculate on what reduction would be necessary to keep his son at Maryland.

The eligibility committee can accept or reduce the eight-game suspension handed down by the eligibility appeals staff.

Aiello said that no deadline has passed for application to the supplemental draft, which is tentatively scheduled for Friday. It could be pushed back to next week to accommodate Milanovich, but even if his NCAA appeal isn't heard this week, the league could hold a second supplemental draft for him.

The NFL requires those filing for its draft to renounce their eligibility to discourage players from returning to school if they don't like their draft positions or pro teams.

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