Ticket prices a turnoffMiddle-ice seats at Baltimore...


Ticket prices a turnoff

Middle-ice seats at Baltimore Arena 200 level are priced at $10 for the Bandits hockey team. The Skipjacks sold them for $7. For a new franchise, seeking to re-establish a fan base, they have succeeded in alienating this fan almost as much as Peter Angelos.

Jim Fieldhouse


Lowenstein sets bad example

I take strong exception to John Lowenstein's remarks on June 28 during an Orioles-Brewers game on HTS.

Commenting on Ricky Bones' brushback of Manny Alexander, Lowenstein said that you do what you have to do, and then, rambling on, he remarked that if it means breaking the rules, it's OK if you get away with it.

TC In this day of violence in our society, it is definitely the wrong message to send, particularly to impressionable kids. So long as it is widely accepted that it is fine to break the law if you don't get caught, we can expect more and more of such activity.

Stanley M. Levy


Effectiveness percentages

Who is the most effective offensive player for the Orioles? The typical statistics reported in the paper are inadequate for answering this question. Batting average considers only the frequency of getting a hit. On-base percentage improves on that by considering other means of getting on base. Slugging percentage considers the type of hit but, like batting average, only considers hits as a way of getting on base. None of these measures considers stolen bases, yet a walk plus a stolen base is equivalent to a double. In both cases, the batter advances himself two bases on his plate appearances.

What if you just added the number of bases that a player reaches in a plate appearance as a result of his own efforts and divided that by the number of plate appearances?

For example, using statistics reported in The Sun before the All-Star break, Curtis Goodwin would get credit for 44 bases for his singles, eight bases for his two doubles, four bases for his home run, 10 bases for his walks, and 13 bases for his 16 steals minus three times caught stealing.

Dividing total bases by plate appearances gives Goodwin a percentage of .545, which means he is worth about a half a base for each time he comes to the plate. That is a good figure, but it is not as high as Brady Anderson's .553, Rafael Palmeiro's .572 or Jeff Manto's .595.

But who is the most effective offensive player for the Orioles? Harold Baines, with an overall effectiveness percentage of .619. Of course, Baines is no Babe Ruth. His career effectiveness percentage is an astounding .762. Statistical buffs might want to get out "The Baseball Encyclopedia" to see if anyone ever beat

that figure.

Dr. Stuart Miller


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