State police ask citizens to report motorists who are aggressive


If you fit the mold of an aggressive driver, plan to pay a fine and get points against your driving record, state police said last week.

Officials identified aggressive drivers as those who frequently exceed the speed limit, change lanes in a dangerous manner, follow too closely or fail to grant the right of way.

Troopers are asking citizens to report aggressive drivers by dialing No. 77 on a cellular telephone. Drivers also may alert state police by using a citizens or amateur band radio.

The fines and penalties for some of the violations are: two points and $60 for following too closely, one point and $40 for failure to grant the right of way and one point and $40 for making an unsafe lane change.

The penalty for exceeding the speed limit by 1 to 9 mph is one point and a fine of $50. The penalty for exceeding the limit by 10 to 19 mph is two points and $60, and 20 to 29 mph is two points and $110. Those who exceed the speed limit by 30 to 39 mph can receive a penalty of five points and $260, and for driving 40 mph over the posted speed limit you can be fined $510 and be penalized five points.

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