From The Sun July 16-22, 1845* July...


From The Sun July 16-22, 1845

* July 17: On Tuesday Charles McCann, who resided in Park Lane, near Amity Street, died shortly after taking a drink of cold water while in a heated state.

* July 21: The revolting story that Mrs. Higbee, of Brooklyn, sold the head of her deceased husband, turns out to be utterly untrue. He died of a cancer of the face, and it was his wish that the diseased portion be given to the physicians for pathological investigation.

From The Sun July 16-22, 1895

* July 16: Complaint is made at Towson of the noise and confusion of "trolley parties" who come out to the county seat late at night. Friday night a party occupying two cars arrived at Towson about 11:15 p.m. and blew horns, rang bells and fired off pistols.

* July 17: Since the Legislature of Maryland established the whipping-post in this State for wife-beaters, four husbands have been lashed.

From The Sun July 16-22, 1945

* July 16: The first Negro post of the Disabled American War Veterans, Department of Maryland, received its charter yesterday in ceremonies at the Y.M.C.A. at 1619 Druid Hill Avenue.

* July 21: The Hawaii Mars -- the world's largest flying boat and the first of twenty like her to be built for the Navy by the Glenn L. Martin Company -- will try her wings for the first time today.

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