Country music station applies for 24-hour broadcast


Hey, Annapolis Neck Peninsula, you could be hearing Clint Black, Reba McEntire, and the rest of your favorite country music stars all the time, anytime, on WANN 1190 AM, not just when the sun is up.

Morris H. Blum, owner of the station, filed an application last month with the Federal Communications Commission to operate hours a day.

The country music station has been operating on a sunrise-to-sunset schedule since going on the air Jan. 10, 1947. That could change if the FCC approves Mr. Blum's request.

"There is an opportunity for us, and we're going to try for it," said Mr. Blum.

The owner said he made the request after listeners complained about the station's early sign-off.

"When we shut off, people would ask, 'What are you doing?' And we would have to tell them that we had to shut off according to FCC regulations," said Mr. Blum. "What extended hours give us is more of a reach to people. We can serve the community better, whether it's news, sports, weather, or music."

Going to a 24-hour format also would let the station broadcast up-to-the-minute storm warnings and school closing during the winter, said Mr. Blum.

"Take a morning in January," he said. "I can't sign on until 7:30 in the morning. What do we do when a bad storm hits Anne Arundel County and people are up at 6, 6:30? If we can't issue a weather warning, we're not giving our listeners the service we would like to give, and it hurts us."

Mr. Blum said he did not know how much the additional air time, energy, and manpower would cost, but he did say he hoped gains in advertising would cover the added expense.

Mr. Blum also offered another reason for his application. "Our format is country music, and that's No. 1 in the nation," he said.

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