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Grant extended for Pumphrey program


United Way has extended a grant for a 2-year-old, after-school program in Pumphrey aimed at steering youth away from drugs and keeping them focused on learning.

The agency has provided the sole funding for the Pumphrey Achievers program, giving it $18,000 in grants over the past two years.

Although the agency usually doesn't extend such grants past the second year, it decided to do so with the Pumphrey program because leaders are impressed with the job it is doing, said Tyrone Johnson of United Way.

"Hopefully, with this additional funding it will sustain them until they can pick up some other funding. But this will probably be the last year for this grant," said Mr. Johnson.

However, he said, the group would be eligible to apply for other grants from United Way when this one expires.

The Achievers program runs from September through mid-June. Yolande Dickerson, director of the program, said when it resumes in the fall it will focus on tutoring and offer field trips as a reward for academic achievement.

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