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Middle school getting ramp for better access


An enterprising pair of squirrels can empty a bird feeder, perforate a lawn and harass a cat, all before noon, which provoked my nature-loving neighbor to remark, not without a little sarcasm, "I wonder what God really had in mind when He made squirrels."

Personally, I don't think God had anything to do with squirrels. They're more like one of Mother Nature's worst practical jokes.

However, after watching the squirrels assigned to my yard gnaw holes in the arms of my plastic Adirondack chairs, and observing a squirrel scurry up a tree with a cigarette butt in his mouth, I'm not sure who the joke is on.


Work continues at Severna Park Middle School on two disability modifications: installation of an elevator and an access ramp to the athletic field.

While most classrooms are on one level, the cinder block-enclosed elevator being attached outside the gym's south wall will make reaching the second floor auxiliary gym and music rooms easier for the disabled as well as students loaded with volleyballs and drum sets.

The ramp, which can be seen from Jumpers Hole Road, will make it easier for disabled athletes to reach the field. Construction should be finished by the end of September. Judy Jenkins, the school's principal, said she is confident the ramp's gentle slope will not appeal to skateboarders.

The Old Mill complex built in 1973 in Millersville houses a high school and two middle schools under one roof. The middle schools share an elevator. The high school has its own elevator. Visitors enter the high school via a convenient ramp, but must navigate the entire first level to reach the elevator to the lower level and the auditorium. A request has been made for a ramp from the lobby to the lower level. It usually takes about five years for such requests to be filled.

The complex housing Severn River Junior High and Magothy River Middle schools in Arnold has one centrally-located elevator.

Broadneck High School, where renovation is to begin next fall, has an elevator. Requests have been made for access ramps for the school's two portable classrooms.

During the two-year renovation, Broadneck students will move to Severn River Junior High. The junior high students will move next door to share space with Magothy River. Severn River will become a middle school after the renovation is completed.


Anne Arundel Community College has named Thomas J. McGinn III as its new director of admissions and recruiting.

Mr. McGinn, formerly an administrator at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Nichols College in Massachusetts, will help develop a comprehensive admissions recruitment plan and serve on the college marketing team.

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