An article in Wednesday's Anne Arundel edition of The Sun about Faith Baptist Church's trip to Western Pennsylvania should have stated that the church's members are helping turn a second-floor room at First Baptist Church of Carmichaels, Pa., into Sunday school rooms, that the Faith Baptist missions committee chairwoman's name is L. Yvonne Grooms, and that Kermit J. "Tray" Coble is associate pastor of Faith Baptist.

The Sun regrets the errors.

The members of Faith Baptist Church in Glen Burnie are taking up their hammers and saws this weekend to help the members of a tiny church in Western Pennsylvania turn an attic into Sunday school rooms.

They will spend a week at First Baptist Church of Carmichaels, Pa., which has fewer than 100 members in a town of 540 people about 70 miles south of Pittsburgh, putting up drywall and installing plumbing, new electrical wiring and flooring.

The church, in one of the economically depressed valleys of the region, was on a list of five churches in need compiled by the an evangelism and missions director for the Baptist church.

The Glen Burnie congregation chose First Baptist after six of its members visited the church.

The others had similar work and all, but we felt led by the Lord to go to Carmichaels," said Yvonne Grooms, one of the members who visited Carmichaels in April.

Sunday school classes at Carmichaels have been meeting in damp basement rooms. The project will allow them to move upstairs.

The Rev. William G. Dicks, the 60-year-old pastor at the Carmichaels church, said his parishioners had planned to start work on the Sunday school rooms "as a project of our own and do it as our time permitted."

"But Glen Burnie has a team, and they said 'Let us take it on.' And we're going to let them. Some of our people will be helping them," he said.

In addition, 25 other Baptist pastors from towns around Carmichaels are expected to help, said Kermit J. "Tray" Coble, associate pastor of First Baptist.

He said they expect to begin work each day at 7 a.m. and finish about 6 p.m. In addition to the interior work, a crumbling brick retaining wall outside needs to be fixed.

Members of the Glen Burnie congregation are planning to hold a vacation Bible school for children at the church and a Backyard Bible Club at a park about a mile away.

Mr. Dicks, a former steel worker, came to Carmichaels a year ago when only 10 people regularly attended Sunday services. Now, an average of 65 to 80 people attend.

In the last few months, the members have managed to come up with about $3,000 for building materials.

"We just dug a little deeper," Mr. Dicks said. "It just came from the membership. They believe when it comes to expanding God's ministry that they are responsible for it. They don't believe in bake sales."

He lives 35 minutes away from Carmichaels in Washington, Pa.

This is the sixth mission trip the Glen Burnie church has made in as many years. Members helped another church in Pennsylvania last year.

In addition to the work crews, the church choir will head to Carmichaels to perform for the First Baptist members.

Ms. Grooms said members aren't interested in fame for themselves.

"We don't want the glory for doing any of this. We want God tbe recognized and maybe the people in the village will realize we cared enough to come out," she said.

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