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Dr. Nevitt Sanford, 86, a psychologist whose...


Dr. Nevitt Sanford, 86, a psychologist whose response to the rise of the Nazis was to develop scientific methods to study prejudice and hatred, died Friday of a heart attack in a nursing home in Belfast, Maine. In 1968, he founded the Wright Institute in Berkeley, Calif., a graduate school in psychology that emphasizes the study of social problems.

He first gained prominence as a co-author of "The Authoritarian Personality," a study of anti-Semitism published in 1950. His co-authors included two refugees from Nazi persecution, Thomas Adorno and Else Frenkel-Brunswik.

The book, which became a classic text in psychology, traced the links between children's upbringing and their prejudice in adulthood. While it focused on anti-Semitism, the book also showed that people who wereprejudiced against one ethnic, racial or religious group tended to be prejudiced against others.

Dr. Sanford was among the first to study the interaction between social systems and personality. He wrote about how social conditions could encourage people with dogmatic biases to

persecute groups they were prejudiced against.

Rajan Pillai, 47, the Asian snack food magnate who fled $l Singapore earlier this year after being convicted of fraud, died Friday of liver cirrhosis in Tihar jail in New Delhi, India. He had been trying to avoid extradition from his native India. He fled to India in April after being convicted of cheating his company of nearly $18 million. He was arrested in a New Delhi hotel July 4 and jailed pending his extradition hearing.

He built a $500 million snack food empire across many Asian and Pacific countries and earned a nickname -- "the Biscuit King." He also earned a reputation as a corporate raider and by 1989, he reportedly controlled six Asian companies.

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