Police cite 2 shots in Blades death


PLANTATION, Fla. -- Police said yesterday that two shots were fired, not one, on the night the cousin of Brian Blades died at Blades' condominium.

The Seattle Seahawks player claims the death was an accident.

One bullet struck the head of Charles Blades, and the other was fired into the wall of the room where Brian and Charles apparently were arguing on July 5, said Sgt. Mike Price of the Plantation Police Department.

"Question is, which one came first?" Price said. "Was the first shot a miss, and [did] the second shot hit its target? Or was the first shot the one that hit Charles?"

However, he said the chance that the .38-caliber semiautomatic handgun could go off accidentally twice -- once killing Charles, then later hitting the wall -- is "highly unlikely."

The trigger would have to be pulled twice for a semiautomatic to fire two shots.

Police also confirmed yesterday that the handgun was purchased by Brian Blades and registered to him.

Bruce Zimet, Blades' attorney, declined comment on the new information released by police.

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