THE following comment on popular culture appeared...


THE following comment on popular culture appeared in a June 20 editorial in the Providence Journal:

"Just when Michael Jackson has chosen to re-enter the limelight, we can't help but notice the passing of two pop cultural icons.

"First is the retirement of Frank Perdue, the Maryland-based chicken entrepreneur, whose bug eyes, domed forehead and nasal intonation made for some memorable moments in TV hucksterism.

"His successor/son, Jim, seems affable, and is trying hard -- perhaps too hard -- to make himself an amusing as well as effective chicken pitchman. But nothing can ever replace the doleful countenance of his father, whose striking, almost frightening, resemblance to the products he was selling was not the least of his charms.

"We also note with regret the decision of Fox TV to elevate the tone of its banner tabloid show, 'A Current Affair.'

"This is not the time to discuss the sins or virtues of tabloid TV, but it is the place to say how sorry we are that the show's ace investigative reporter, Steve Dunleavy, is being thrown off the air and returned to his spiritual home, the New York Post.

"Mr. Dunleavy, with his outback Australian accent, graying pompadour, cork-tipped filter cigarettes and pinch-waist 'European' suits, was the very incarnation of the Fleet Street ambulance chaser, a veritable Lunchtime O'Booze come to life on American television. He, as well as his exclusive interviews with the freaks, perverts and A.C. Cowlingses of our national life, will be sorely missed."

* * *

AND WHAT are the hosts of late night TV talk shows saying these days about the self-proclaimed King of Pop, Michael Jackson?

From "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno":

"British tabloids are reporting that Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley are expecting a baby. That would be strange, having Michael Jackson for your father, don't you think? 'Hey, you are not going out of the house looking like that! Young man, you go back upstairs and put on some mascara. And put on a little foundation too. And stay out of my drawer with the noses in it. Use your own nose."

From "The Late Show with David Letterman":

"Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were on with Diane Sawyer on 'Primetime Live' and they actually said that they do share a bed. He gets it Monday, Wednesday, Friday and she gets it Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday."

And this, from "Late Night with Conan O'Brien":

"Did you see the Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie interview last night? Well, I have a piece of advice for Michael: If you want people to think you're normal, don't wear solid-gold shin guards."

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