'Stallions' nickname quickly catches on


The Big, Bad and Blue finally have a nickname to go with their slogan -- the Stallions.

And, so far, fans are catching on to the name and embracing it.

"I like it," said Ed Ellis, 24, of Baltimore. "I guess everybody would prefer Colts, but this is our name now."

Many fans at last night's game said the new nickname finally gives credibility to the second-year team. Last year, a judge ruled that Baltimore could not use the name CFL Colts, and the team was renamed the Baltimore Football Club after 20,000 people voted in a poll in The Sun not to have a nickname.

Stallions came in a close second in the poll. The name is also a trademark of the NFL, but the league said Friday there won't be a conflict.

"I didn't like the Baltimore Football Club," said Andrew Levy, 49, of Westminster. "It was very amateurish. BFC made it sound like Arena Football. The name didn't denote a professional level. BFC . . . that was horrendous."

Said Gary Fowble, 39, of Hampden, "I knew they had to keep it with something that had to do with the logo. A Stallion is professional, a big horse. This is professional football. We needed a team and a name and now we have it."

Levy's son Andy, 23, said that the Stallions was his second choice as a nickname.

"My personal first choice was Colts," he said. "It belonged to Baltimore long before Indianapolis. But I would've preferred the French word for Colts [Poulain]. There is a lot of French heritage in Canada. I would've like to have seen the NFL stop that."

Elizabeth Smeak, 25, a souvenir vendor, said three of the four shirts being sold with the name Stallions on it sold out at her stand within half an hour after the gates opened. All hats sold out as well, and all the Stallions shirts were gone by halftime.

"More customers complained about the Baltimore Football Club name," Smeak said. "They didn't have a team mascot or name to refer them by. Now they don't have to yell 'Go BFC,' they can yell, 'Go Stallions.' "

Two fans showed they weren't ready to let go of the past just yet. Frank Monaldi Sr., and Frank Petrucci waved a banner reading, "How do you spell Stallions. . . C-O-L-T-S."

"I'm not upset with the name," Monaldi said. "It would have been great to keep the Colts but that's the past and now we have to move on."

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