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Now that the Indians' Eddie Murray has...


Now that the Indians' Eddie Murray has reached 3,000 career hits, he can take aim at becoming the 15th player with 500 home runs. Here are the active players with 300 or more homers and their chances of getting their names into the fat part ofth e record book.

Players .. .. .. .. .. ...Comments

Eddie Murray -- Up -- Murray, 39, has 469. Broken ribs notwithstanding, he's a slam-dunk. Wouldn't it be nice if he did it as an Oriole next season?

Dave Winfield -- Sideways-- Winfield, 43, has 464. Injuries have limited him to one this year, but he's still too close to rule out.

Andre Dawson -- Down -- Dawson, who turns 41 tomorrow, has 432. At rate of one knee operation per 43.2 homers, won't make it.

Lance Parrish -- Down -- Parrish, 39, has 323. He had 304 after 1991. At this rate, batting practice homers would have to count.

Cal Ripken -- Down -- Ripken, 34, has 317. You can't discount his durability, but even nine straight 20-homer seasons wouldn't do it.

Joe Carter -- Sideways -- Carter, 35, has 312. Hasn't hit fewer than 27 since 1985, but has a long way to go. And Mitch Williams is retired.


Note: Statistics through Thursday.

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