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UPS AND DOWNSThe trade -- UP --...



The trade -- UP -- Picked up Scott Erickson, a major talent, for relatively little cost. If he translates into victories, this is a coup. If he doesn't, no big deal.

Player to be named -- UP -- Probably somebody who could use an opportunity. Somebody like Damon Buford.

Minnesota Twins -- WHO KNOWS -- They humiliate the Orioles at The Yard, but then they give up Erickson. Any contributions are


Jamie Moyer -- UP -- A new baby girl, couple of victories. Buck already picked that All-Star team?

Arthur Rhodes -- DOWN -- He struggles with his control again. Could be time to try him as a left-handed reliever, now that Erickson's here.

Scott Klingenbeck -- WHO KNOWS -- We hardly knew ye.

John DeSilva -- WHO KNOWS -- See above.


"Nothing. He wasn't doing anything, really. He was throwing garbage up there. We just didn't do anything."

First baseman Rafael Palmeiro, asked about what Minnesota starter Mike Trombley was doing to shut down the Orioles

The Minnesota Twins have won back-to-back games three times this year, and two of those three have come against the Orioles.

The week ahead

Monday-Tuesday: All-Star break.

Wednesday: Workout at Camden Yards, 3 p.m.

Thursday-Sunday: vs. the Kansas City Royals. All but one of the April games between these two teams was wiped out by the labor situation. The Orioles and Royals did meet on Opening Day, when Kevin Appier dueled Mike Mussina, and won after beating up on the Orioles bullpen. Bob Hamelin, the AL Rookie of the Year last season, has been a major disappointment, even sent back to the minors for a short time. Kansas City has an anemic offense, but can win with its solid pitching.

A move that paid off ...

Mike Flanagan has helped pitcher Jamie Moyer refine his curveball, and that's helped the left-hander become the Orioles' most effective pitcher of late.

... And one that didn't

Another left-hander - Sid Fernandez - sits in the bullpen, with nothing to do but wait for his three-year, $9 million contract to expire, or for the Orioles to give him his release.

The good

On Tuesday night, Scott Erickson beat Scott Klingenbeck, holding the Orioles to just three hits over eight innings. On Friday, the two pitchers of record were traded for each other.

The bad

The Orioles came back to beat Toronto 9-7 last Sunday, after the Blue Jays made two errors with two outs in the ninth inning. All-Star second baseman Roberto Alomar was out of the lineup in the ninth inning - his presence may have prevented one error - because a woman had appeared at SkyDome hotel with a pistol, saying she intended to kill Alomar.

The ugly

Brady Anderson's streak of 36 straight successful stolen base attempts was broken up Monday night when he was thrown out at third by Twins catcher Matt Walbeck. The last catcher to nail Anderson before the streak began, in May of 1994: Matt Walbeck.

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