Why are they former O's?Nothing could illustrate...


Why are they former O's?

Nothing could illustrate the ineptitude of the Orioles management better than the series with the Angels and Indians. Ex-Oriole Lee Smith came in and saved the game for the Angels on June 11. The sweep by Cleveland on June 12-14 was aided immeasurably by ex-Orioles Dennis Martinez and Eddie Murray and two saves by ex-Oriole Jose Mesa.

There are ex-Orioles all over the league playing successfully, and no one seems to be asking the obvious questions: Why did the Orioles dump them? Who did the Orioles get in return? How much more successful has that player been?

Dave Spokely

Silver Spring

Problems, problems

The Orioles' problems run deep, and start and finish this way:

* Roland Hemond: Poor judge of management and baseball talent.

* Frank Robinson: Great player, the worst as a manager or management member.

* Phil Regan: Minor-league all the way.

* Mike Flanagan: Good pitcher, no way a pitching coach.

The Orioles will continue to flounder until serious cuts are recognized and made by Peter Angelos.

Ed Adams



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