From The Sun July 9-15, 1845July 12:...


From The Sun July 9-15, 1845

July 12: A horse ran away with a buggy on Thursday evening on the Canton Road, and made a pretty effectual smash of the wagon.

July 14: We mentioned on Saturday that the frigate Constellation, the gallant ship that won the first laurels for our infant navy in 1799 and 1800 under Commodore Truxton, is to be metamorphosed into a steamer under the direction of Commodore Stockton.

From The Sun July 9-15, 1895

July 10: The twelfth annual Convention of the Afro-American Press Association of the United States began yesterday morning in Sharon Colored Baptist Church on Presstman Street.

July 11: A crowd of tramps took possession of a Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore freight train Tuesday night at Bayview Junction, driving the crew of the train away with revolvers. The conductor and brakemen of the train took refuge on the locomotive which was detached and then run to Canton for police assistance.

From The Sun July 9-15, 1945

July 11: The material used by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in fourteen photoplays and countless radio programs is wearing threadbare, as may be seen plainly in their latest vehicle, "The Naughty Nineties."

July 13: All bars and establishments selling liquor in Baltimore must close on V-J day, according to circulars distributed by the police department.

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