Windy thunderstorm cuts power, fells trees


The thunderstorm that roared through Howard County with 30 mph winds and rain Thursday caused three trees to fall in the county and about 5,840 households to lose power, officials said.

A large tree clipped the side of a house in the 9700 block of Gudel Drive in Ellicott City about 5:30 p.m., said Lt. David Carroll, a spokesman for the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue.

The high winds caused the tree to fall onto the roof of the house, Lieutenant Carroll said. No one was home at the time.

Near Ellicott City, a westbound lane of U.S. 40 and two eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 were blocked for about 45 minutes by fallen trees, state highway officials said.

By noon Friday, electricity was restored to residents who lost power, said Art Slusark, a spokesman for Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

"When you compare that storm to other summer storms we've had in the area, it has been a quiet summer," he said.

"The days when humidity really builds up are when we have some great thunderstorms that have a greater effect on people's electricity."

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