"Deadline Poet: My Life as a Doggerelist,"...


"Deadline Poet: My Life as a Doggerelist," by Calvin Trillin. New York: Warner Books. 196 pages. $10.99

Inspired by the antics of John Sununu, Calvin Trillin began writing verses about the news for the Nation in 1990. The collected poems recall the work of Ogden Nash, but with political bite. When George Bush retired, Trillin wrote: "We wish you well. Just take your ease,/And never order Japanese./May your repose remain unblighted/Unless of course you get indicted." Trillin's many fans will also enjoy his tongue-in-cheek accounts of the events that inspired his verses: Despite landmark arms-reduction treaties, "SDI lingered, like a dinner guest who hangs around after the party is over and keeps eating."

@ Becki and Keith Dilley's "Special Delivery" is an enthusiastic, somewhat bubble-gummy, account of how it feels to be raising America's only sextuplets. "Wow, that's a lot of diapers," and "Gee, Becki and Keith must be tired" are about the most profound thoughts most readers will extract from this particular story. However, that is the type of book it is - a sweet book to be finished in a few sittings.

When Becki and Keith, who were plagued by infertility, tried a drug called Pergonal, they were prepared to have twins or possibly triplets. Surprise. A large portion of "Special Delivery" is spent on Becki's tortuous pregnancy.

"Special Delivery" is ultimately about the joy the Dilley's have received from their children. It is a fun and optimistic book.

Erika Taylor

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