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"Have Mercy, Confessions of the Original Rock 'n' Roll Animal," by Wolfman Jack with Byron Laursen. 362 pages. New York: Warner Books, $21.95

It is said that Bob Smith, who called himself Wolfman Jack, was the world's most famous disk jockey, and I know of no good reason to argue with that. He died the other day, still howling right about up to the end, and by weird coincidence, now comes his something-like autobiography. It's full of details of deals, and a lot of names, times, faces and outrages that will entertain almost-fans, delight fanatics and appall those who the Wolf always appalled. If freeing the human spirit, individual by fearful individual, is God's Work - and I can't think of a strong competing definition - then today Wolfman Jack is basking in some fine light, in Very Good Company.


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